Study Abroad at Lincoln University, New Zealand

Lincoln University was founded in 1878 as one of the oldest higher education institutions (more than 130 years old) and one of eight public universities in New Zealand. It is located in the city of Christchurch – the largest city in South New Zealand and  only 25 minutes away from Christchurch international airport. The city of Christchurch is peaceful, safe for learning with high standard of living but affordable cost of living. The school is of international quality, internationally recognized qualification.

Lincoln University offers modern facilities and equipments to  4,500 students from all over in New Zealand and over 60 different countries in the world. Lincoln is trying day by day nonstop to become the leading domestic and foreign university in research in the fields of Agriculture and Management Agriculture, Natural Resources, Finance, Economy, Tourism, Biotechnology, Applied Science Application, Entertainment Technology, Microbiology Technology …

  1. Reasons for choosing Lincoln University

– Being one of the schools with the highest percentage of graduates having jobs

– Member of the European Union for Life Science (ELLS). This is a network of 7 Europe’s leading university, which was established to develop educational cooperation in the following areas: food science and environment, resource management, landscape architecture and space planning.

– Teaching style incorporates theory and practical application

– Lincoln is among the top 500 universities and the top 100 universities in agro-forestry

Industry according to QS ranking system of the world.

– Lincoln University is always proud of the beauty of the campus. Campus 58 hectares wide, with gorgeous and fresh scenery. Lincoln is fully equipped with advanced facilities and teaching facilities and modern teaching tools. Library and computer system are open 24 hours a day. In addition, there is a printing room, agencies representing travel companies and selling air tickets, golf courses, bank branches, fitness rooms for sports, ….

The dormitory welcomes more than 600 registered students living next to the rental apartments on this property. Many students like to live right on the campus of the school where they feel the best of student life.

Scholarship of 10,000 NZ $ for a master’s course

(Conditions: College graduates have a final GPA above 7.5, no student interview required)



Lincoln University offers a variety of courses: English, University, College, University and later


* The university preparatory program is excellent and the school also has a dedicated English language center for students who want to learn English before entering the main course. Lincoln University also is the place to hold IELTS exams.


– English: NZ $ 1,680 / 4 weeks; 5,040 / 12 weeks; 6,720 / 16 weeks

– University preparation: NZ $ 8,800 / term

– University: From NZ $ 25,000 – NZ $ 27,000 / year (depending on each discipline)

– Postgraduate certificate: NZ $ 12,500-14,500 / year

– Master: From NZ $ 27,000- NZ $ 40,000 / course (depending on the study)

– PhD: From NZ $ 5,036 – NZ $ 5,114 / year


– English: Monthly

– Pre-university, College, University and postgraduate courses: February and September

Accommodation costs: NZ $ 9,250-12.025 / 37 weeks including accommodation and dinner

3./ The majors you can study at Lincoln are:


+ Environment and Society

+ Environmental planning and management

+ Environmental Planning and Policy

+ Land and Property Management

+ Landscape architecture

+ Management of sports and entertainment

+ Tourism management

+ Trade

+ Agricultural trade

+ Agricultural economics and food marketing

+ Agricultural science

Master: (2 years)

+ Agricultural science

2/1/2019 Lincoln University – New Zealand – VISCO – Overseas study consultancy

+ Applied science

+ Agricultural trade

+ Trade and Management

+ Environmental policy

+ Science of cultivation

+ International Nature Conservation (associated with University of Göttingen, Germany)

+ Landscape architecture

+ Management of natural resources and ecological techniques

+ Park management, Entertainment and sports

+ Research resources

+ Social science

+ Information technology and software

+ Tourism management

+ Management of water resources

  1. Input English requirements:

For Postgraduate level: IELTS 6.5 (no skills below 6), TOEFL ibt 90.

For University and College: IELTS 6.0 (no skills below 5), TOEFL ibt 61


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